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Disclaimer: is not affiliated with, owned by or operated by the U.S. Government or any agencies associated with the U.S. Government. The following information contained in our reports: make, model and year of vehicle is available complimentary from your local DMV. In addition to the complimentary data provided by the DMV, we offer 52 additional pieces of information when available. For only $6.95 we offer all this data and allow you to access unlimited reports for 24 hours. This fee includes the NMVTIS Data Fee.

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Free Basic Report Example

When available, you can purchase a full report for $6.95 that may contain:

  • Information about salvage status.
  • Whether the vehicle has been flood damaged.
  • If there are any liens against the car.
  • Stolen vehicle date.
  • Estimated current odometer reading.
  • If the vehicle was a taxi or company fleet vehicle.
  • Recall notification information.
  • The number of owners the car has had.

Also included for $6.95 - Our Premium Benefits:

  • Twenty Four Hours Of Unlimited Access To Search Unlimited Vehicles
  • A Premium Used Vehicle Buying Guide
  • Twenty Four Seven Expert Assistance for Report Help And Advice
  • Premium Vehicle Auction Information

Why Is The Right Choice For You

In this economy, many of us are going to have to buy a used car. Credit is hard to find, and a people simply can't afford the expense and insurance rates of a new car. That's not something to be ashamed of – it's just a fact of life! And a good used car can be just as reliable as a brand-new car.

But when you are buying a used car, you are often negotiating a minefield. So many people want to rip you off and take advantage of you. As a consumer, it can be very difficult for you to know the difference between a good deal and a scam.

This is how we can help. We use our automated search system to give you access to hard-to-find data about a used car you are thinking about buying. With this information, you don't have to worry that you are about to buy a stolen car. You won't wonder if the car is going to break down moments after you drive it off the lot. You won't get the feeling you were just taken advantage of by a crook.

Instead, you'll feel confident behind the wheel of your new used car because you'll know that you made the right decision and will be able to keep that car on the road for years to come. So, don't think of using us as simply getting a vehicle history report; think of it as an investment in your own peace of mind.

The Government Wants You To Have This Information

The government knows just how bad the used car market can be. That's why they enacted a series of laws mandating that certain information compiled by DMV offices and insurance companies be made available to the public. They understand that having this information can make the difference between getting a good car or buying a lemon.

Giving you the right to this information is a good first step, but making the information easily accessible is the next step - and that's what we do. Our search system gives you one-stop access to the records that government officials think will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a used car. So why not use our service to exercise your rights today?

The Importance Of The VIN

When it comes to buying a used car, getting the vehicle's VIN is the most important first step. Every car sold in North America is assigned a unique VIN. This number and letter combination is the fingerprint of the car, and the key to unlocking its history.

Car makers stamp the VIN on the dashboard and inside the driver's side door well. This VIN is what you need to start your vehicle history search, so before you even start talking to a used car dealer, look for the VIN and write it down.

Our Pricing Plans

Over the years, we've discovered that we have 2 very distinct customers. For this reason, we offer 2 very distinct packages to meet their needs.

Complimentary Basic Report

This person wants to confirm their make model and year of vehicle.


This person has narrowed their search down to 3 to 8 vehicles that they will buy. This customer shops by price. "I have $8,500 to spend on a car and I want the most value for my money." For this person we have created the Standard Package. They get unlimited Extensive Vehicle History Reports for 24 hours for only $6.95.

Customer Service

Many companies are more interested in getting customers than providing customer service. They don't understand that word of mouth is the best advertising. But we believe in providing excellent customer service. This is why it is always easy to get in touch with us. We enjoy talking to consumers and finding out what they are truly interested in.

You can contact us whenever you want, and we're there. You'll get the chance to talk to people who value your questions and concerns and are empowered to help you. Customer service is our number one priority, so why not take advantage of us? We live to serve.

Articles That Help You Understand The Business

The more you understand how the used car market works, the more likely it is that you'll get a good deal when shopping for a used car. This is why we have hired a team of experts in the used car marketplace. They regularly generate articles that are designed to explain the ins and outs of shopping for a used car.

You can read these articles at your leisure without incurring any additional charges. And we believe that the information will give you a leg up when you start negotiating with used car dealers. We keep them up to date, and you can always come back to our site when you want to learn new information.

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  • Extensive Vehicle Historyyesyes
  • Review all VINsyesyes
  • NMVTIS History Recordsyesyes
  • Accident Checkyesno
  • Flood Damage Reportsyesno
  • Bent Frame Reportsyesno
  • Servicing Recordsyesno
  • Airbags Releasedyesno
  • 24 Hours Unlimited Accessyesno
  • Buying Guideyesno
  • 24/7 Expert Assistanceyesno
  • Auction Informationyesno
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